The law governing landlords and tenants in New York City is often complex and confusing. Our firm is well versed in all areas including:

  • Rent Control Law and Rent Stabilization Code
  • Section 8 housing vouchers
  • New York City Loft Law
  • Mitchell-Llama co-operatives
  • Condominium and co-operative law

Summary landlord tenant proceedings in New York City and the surrounding counties can often be daunting to both landlords and tenants without the proper representation. Our firm has experience in all aspects of both residential and commercial landlord-tenant law including but not limited to:

  • Non-payment proceedings
  • Rent overcharge prosecution and defense
  • Holdover proceedings
    • 30 day notice termination and End of Lease holdovers
    • Licensee or squatter proceedings
    • Nuisance proceedings
    • Substantial breach of lease proceedings
    • Illegal use proceedings
    • Non-primary residence holdovers
  • Public nuisance closings of commercial and residential properties
  • DHCR administrative hearings
  • HP Actions for repairs and code enforcement
  • Public Housing administrative hearings (NYCHA)

Not knowing the intricacies of landlord-tenant law can often lead to dire consequences for both landlords and tenants. Our firm is known for aggressively advocating for our clients in all types of summary and administrative proceedings.